My Teaching Approach:
A little bit of the traditional, teacher directed instruction, play based learning and some of the Montessori method: children learn individually and at their own pace by moving freely around the room and choosing from a wide range of hands-on, age-appropriate activities that are designed to teach specific skills.

Curriculum will follow the Utah State Core Curriculum for Pre-K. You can find this at Both classes will have a balance between teacher directed and child directed learning. I believe in providing opportunities for children to learn through exploration and discovery. It is not about how high a child can count or how many words they can read at this age. It is about building the foundation of learning, creativity, problem solving and curiosity that will be with the child the rest of their lives. All activities will be developmentally appropriate for children at this age.

The 3 year old class will focus on sharing, following directions, cooperative playing, and classroom respect. In the beginning, I teach the children the basics of how schoolwork (raising hands, transitions between activities, cleaning up, sitting at the rug, snack time manners and routines). We do a lot of activities to work on fine and gross motor development. These are usually incorporated into the other areas of learning. Everything we do has a purpose, no matter how simple the activity/craft maybe. Here is an example of a few things we do: how to hold a pencil correctly, scissor skills, coloring, tracing, building, and beginning handwriting with focus on their first name. They will learn colors, shapes through songs and crafts. Children will learn to recognize and identify the ABCs and their sounds through stories, songs, poems and crafts. We do a lot of games that help teach letters and numbers. We make learning fun! Children will count daily. We focus on identifying numbers to 10, but we count and see the numbers up to 31 during calendar time. Science and social studies are taught through the themes of the week (listed below).
Children learn to read by being read to, so we will read, read and read some more.

The 4 year old class will do all the above, but in more depth. This class will focus on getting ready for kindergarten. Through teacher directed and child directed activities we will learn the ABCs, sounds, rhyming, vocabulary, comprehension, beginning reading, blending words with short vowels and handwriting (name, abc's, numbers and shapes). Letters and sounds are taught using multiple learning styles: songs, arts/kinesthetic, movement, visuals and more. We will also learn sight words. Children will have weekly "homework", practicing the letter of the week and reading books from our classroom phonics library. Completing the homework drastically improves the children's readiness in reading.
We will count to 30 (and even higher), skip count by 10's and identify and recognize numbers 0-20.

Themes throughout the year:
Sep.: All About Me, Apples (Johnny Appleseed), Fall
Oct.: Fire Safety, Community Helpers, Pumpkins, Halloween
Nov.: Nutrition, Hygiene, Thanksgiving
Dec.: Families, Friendship, Christmas
Jan.: Winter, Snow, Polar Animals, MLK Day (Kindness)
Feb.: Groundhogs Day, Valentines, President's Day, Teeth
Mar.: Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick's Day, Spring
Apr.: Bugs, Water, Easter
May: Animals, Mother's Day, Pajama Read-a-Thon, end of year activities

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