About Me

Hello! My name is Emily Malzer.  
Thank you for visiting my website to find out more about Curious Critters Preschool.  It has been my dream to open my own preschool in my home. I grew up always knowing I would be a teacher.  I even tried to turn away from education during college, but fate led me right back to where I belonged. I taught preschool in Orem, Utah while in college and fell in LOVE! I received my bachelors degree in Elementary Education from UVU in 2006 and received an Early Childhood Endorsement from SLCC in 2010. I taught 1st grade for 3 years and Kindergarten for 2 years in the Jordan School District. This fall will be my 12th year of teaching preschool. 

My teaching philosophy: 
 As a Kindergarten teacher, I've seen children start school already behind. The Kindergarten curriculum has changed drastically over the years and a lot more is expected of children. Many preschools have great structured programs where children complete many worksheets and create beautiful art that looks just like the teachers. While being able to do those things is important, it does not teach children curiosity and allow them the opportunity to discover new things on their own.  
My preschool is a combination of both teacher directed instruction and exploratory play/learning.  I prefer the balanced approach. Children learn through structure, but are also given the opportunity to choose their own learning.  The literacy and math portions of preschool are taught using various learning methods.  From singing, building, creating, visuals, and movement.  I also throw in those worksheets for handwriting practice and assessments to direct my instruction. 

 My family and I have lived in Eagle Mountain for over 13 years. I have been teaching preschool out of my home for 11 years now, while raising my 5 kids, 13 years old to just 3 years.  My husband also works in Eagle Mountain as a firefighter/paramedic for Unified Fire Authority. 

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